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More peace of mind, without the weight or bulk of a 2nd lock.

Is a single lock enough for today’s parking? For your bike? For your city? When it’s dark?
Take a M!nder along for added deterrence. Its unmatched intelligence assesses the parking spot, & drives a siren that can be heard from 100 meters away.


Bicycle theft is low-priority in the broad scheme of threats which law enforcement has to deal with.

When you return to an empty parking spot, your heart sinks, and you’ll have no options!


The best defence against bike theft is to make your bike more of a hassle than the next guy’s. As a crime of opportunity, most thieves choose soft targets. And, in many countries, they certainly avoid attracting attention!
All locks can be cut, and all alarms can be attacked. But, the M!nder’s free-hanging mount, and exceptional intelligence, allow it to last longer against bolt cutter, and even angle grinder, attacks. The thief will have to attack the U-lock while the loud siren is playing; or will have to put up with the siren while attacking and destroying the M!nder, followed by then having to attack the U-lock!


Unlike a car alarm, a bicycle (or even a motorcycle’s) smaller mass and size allow the M!nder’s exceptional intelligence to practically eliminate false alarms. When a M!nder sounds, you’re very likely going to see someone tampering with the bike. Though constantly hyper-sensitive, it measures its responses, observing quietly.


Unlike a tracker, it tries to prevent the theft, rather than send you to a shady part of town, facing a potentially violent thief, for a by-then-disassembled bike! The police typically prioritize life-and-limb crimes, not property theft.
‘GPS’ trackers require SIMs and monthly payments, and may cease to work if the company goes under! Passive tags are cheap enough, but they require a few things to come together before your bike (more accurately, your tag) could be found.


Unlike a cheap alarm, it runs a massive amount of deeply complex firmware. So, it won’t go off at random,  and it can respond to lightning-fast attacks as well as slow, sneaky ones. Short of shooting it with a gun, it’s gonna know when someone’s messing with your bike! Simply, there is nothing else like it!


Only the owner’s PIN can de-activate the siren. Passers-by will know that the guy cutting the lock isn’t an owner who’s lost his key!


Share it! Because it is freely hung, you need only 1 per household. And you can use it only when needed. On any bike, motorbike or whatever that needs extra deterrence on that day. Will you be parking for longer, today, in an unfamiliar part of town?


“But my city is infested with bike theft!” If passers-by don’t even film thefts, then they’ve lost faith in police intervention; the M!nder could not help! If there are bike-jackings, the M!nder could not help you. The same if you leave your bike in an underground locker.
Most bike-thefts, however, are for quick cash. Make yours a hassle, and he’ll move-on to another bike.



A padlock (not included) is needed. A basic one suffices; no need for a heavy shackle. Get any suitable for hanging the M!nder from your property.

The colour of the 3D-printed enclosure varies with the available stock. It may be yellow, orange, another colour, or a mix.

An AC charger is included for recharging. US plug, only.


Note for UK & EU Customers

At the moment, the only available stock for the AC charger uses a US plug. So, you will need a converter; or, simply use any AC charger with matching specifications.
You will likely be charged for taxes (e.g. VAT) and any duties, by the delivery company. In addition, the delivery company might well charge a handling fee for calculating the taxes.
As with all other customer, there are no free returns; return-shipping is at your cost.


Returns & Warranty

* Full refund within 30 days from the date of delivery. Return-shipping is at your cost, and must be tracked. See Terms.

Warranty of 1 year for manufacturing defects.


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Dimensions 125 × 80 × 110 mm
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