Peace of Mind

Intelligent Deterrence


More Stock Coming

Stock is now available, and more is being created. Visibility is always difficult for a new product. With a single engineer, taking care of production, marketing, and a hundred other tasks, it becomes even more difficult. But, there are very promising signs, with the device generating interest. And M!nder v2.2 has just been released as […]

Police Prioritize Life-and-Limb

A Northwest Portland bike shop has seen four break-ins in less than a year….…more than 80% of Portland restaurant owners that participated in the survey said their businesses had been broken into, and 90% of that group said the break-ins happened in the past year.…Portland police said in a statement…their current resources force them to […]

Shop Open

The shop is now open. To only US and Canada, for now. There is limited stock available. Back-orders are accepted; the device is made as orders arrive.Despite the inflationary increase in costs, and the high costs of manual production of an electronics device, I’ve kept the price low. At $210+ CAD retail, it could not […]

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