A hefty siren, and a hell of a lot of intelligence!
Version 2.0.

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Another tool in the fight against bicycle theft. A siren heard from 100 meters, and a lot of intelligence driving it.
Continuing from M!nder1, M!nder2 routes all sounds to the horn, resulting in more effective warnings and better sealing of the enclosure.

The M!nder ReadMe

The M!nder FAQ

The M!nder Manual

Terms of Sale. (Must read! Refunds are not easy!)

Release History


A padlock (not included) is needed for hanging the M!nder from your U-Lock/D-lock.
An AC charger (not included) is needed for recharging the M!nder. See Parts.

The colour of the 3D-printed enclosure varies with the available stock. It may be yellow, orange, another colour, or a mix.

Shipping not included.


Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 135 × 80 × 110 mm