Heard From 100 Meters!

On days when a single lock won’t suffice, and you can’t be bothered to add a heavy lock or chain, boost your security with a light, compact deterrence. For when you need it!

A typical electronic deterrent could get smashed readily! The M!nder’s unique approach, and unmatched intelligence, makes life difficult for the thief.

A typical bike-alarm getting smashed.
Making life difficult for a bike thief!
An overview of the M!nder
A detailed comparison of the M!nder vs an attached alarm.

Free Shipping.
Direct from the manufacturer: $120 CAD.
$90 USD.
£75 GBP. VAT+handling paid by customer, upon arrival.
€85 EUR. VAT+handling paid by customer, upon arrival.
Try it for a month. If dissatisfied, return it in original condition for a full refund.

Compact, lightweight, yet super-loud. Weighs only 350 grams (12 oz.), and measures 125×80×110 mm (5x4x3″).

Typically, it starts with a warning. But, for a fast, violent attack, it can ‘floor it‘ to scare the shit out of the thief!

Can it be damaged by an angle grinder? Absolutely! What wouldn’t! But the fact that the device is hanging will make things more difficult: He’ll have to hold the device, which is a dangerous thing to do with an angle grinder! And, attacking the mount, or the padlock, causes even more shrieks–which is exactly what we want to happen!
It may be easier to attack the U-lock, instead; but then the M!nder will be shrieking while he does!
If your padlock’s shackle is thin, the thief might cut that first. But then he’ll have to destroy the M!nder to silence it–which can take some time as well.
He’s gotta be really desperate to not choose a softer target (than your bike)!
And no passer-by is going to think, ‘Maybe he lost his key!’ If he’s the owner, he has the password to de-activate the device with.

Unlike other systems, its intelligence reduces false alarms without reducing its sensitivity. (Might it be set off by a passing truck? Highly unlikely. A train passing on a bridge? Yes, but why would you park there! Wind? It’s gotta be high speed; but, on very windy days/spots, simply position it to hang less freely!)

A basic padlock is needed; anything suitable for where you want to hang the device from. It must hang freely. It’s best to hang it from a U-lock as shown in the photos, and it’ll watch for even your front wheel being tampered with–as shown in the videos.

Warranty of 1 year for manufacturing defects. Free shipping to US, Canada and Western Europe.

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