Peace of Mind

Intelligent Deterrence

A Minder for Bikes, Tools, Camp, ATV…!

Heard From 100 Meters!

Got something that might get snatched?

Pricey cargo-bike?
Catalytic converter on your truck/van?
Tool shed on the job site?
Farm Equipment or Tractors?
Construction Equipment?
Tour van with race bikes inside?

Hang a minder from it.

Property theft is low-priority
to the police.
Life-and-limb threats get first priority.
An overview of the M!nder

When you’re not around, a minder is a quick & easy deterrence for your property. Just padlock it to whatever happens to need it today. No wiring, no installation, not affixed to a specific object.
And when you come back, it tells you if someone had tampered with your property!

Super vigilant, without the false alarms.
Unmatched intelligence!
Hang it from anything that mustn’t move!
Portable, versatile protection.
A super siren, on the go!

This ain’t no puny alarm. And it’s not trigger-happy. It’s cautious, but it pretty much has a Don’t F— with Me attitude! Use wisely.

Being blasted with shrieks, while he’s trying to steal something, has a psychological effect on all but the most strung-out of thieves!

Want to know if a Bear is Approaching Your Camp?
Deterring Nuisance Tampering?
Setting Up a Security Perimeter?
Tripwire at a Gate?

At the job site, or camp site, a security perimeter could be established, with wiring and set-up appropriate to the expected threat.
A trip-wire could be created at a farm gate, or entrance to a compound, using appropriate wiring and set-up. With unmatched intelligence, it practically eliminates false alarms.

Biking to the pub, or a movie theatre?

Add more protection than a single lock could, on that dark night!

Can’t be bothered to carry a second lock or chain?

Boost your security with a light, compact deterrence. For when you need it!

Pricey property in the back yard, &
you wanna hear a siren from the bedroom?

Padlock a minder to it.

Free Shipping.
Try it for a month. If dissatisfied, return it in original condition for a full refund.
Warranty of 1 year for manufacturing defects. Free shipping to US, Canada and Western Europe.

Made in Canada,
by a Canadian Engineer!

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