A Minder for Your Bike!

A bike thief can no longer cut a lock in peace!

  • Imagine going briefly in-and-out of your local corner-shop, and knowing if someone tries to ride away with your bike.
  • Imagine locking your bike on the street outside your office, knowing that a thief cannot quietly ride away with your bike.
  • Imagine locking your cargo bike in the back yard, and hearing a siren in the bedroom when someone tries to ride away with the bike.
  • Imagine making it difficult for the thief trying to cut your lock, and difficult when he tries to attack your M!nder.
  • Imagine not having to run out every time someone accidentally knocks into your bike, because some app has told you to.

Not dumb like a car alarm, or puny like a bike alarm, a M!nder tracks & analyzes, generating a measured response — from beeps & buzzers as warning, to a shrieking siren heard across 4 lanes of traffic!

And you don’t need to carry a phone, or update it, or lose your bike when your phone is lost.

Engineering is nearly complete for the M!nder. Its pre-release will be in January 2022. Checks News or subscribe to email updates:

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