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Updated: Saturday 25 May 2024.

I am Ali ‘Arta’ Bahar, the computer/firmware engineer who has invented the M!nder.

I have been a firmware engineer, teacher, open source developer, writer (literary fiction, and erotica), salesperson of outdoors gear, ebike mechanic, factory worker, bicycle courier, dishwasher/busser, entrepreneur, picker/packer/shipper/receiver, and likely a few other things. I have over two decades of experience in bicycle commuting, from +43 C to -47 C, in all conditions–smog, rain (light, persistent, torrential, cold), freezing rain, snow (dusting, shallow, deep, slush), ice, etc. I have been on the Internet since before there was a Web! There are some patches in the Linux kernel with my name included on them (under the tutelage of the great Larry Finger).

I have been working on a bike minder since June 2016. Often having a day-job, and typically spending at least a day per week on mountains, the pace was slow. As well, technical set-backs caused lengthy delays. By Spring 2019, most of the technical work completed, which is why you see this web site!

The 2020-21 pandemic, personal and employment demands on my time, and a remaining technical issue postponed further work.

As of Spring 2021, the initial M!nder device itself is mostly complete, but it has not been productized–which has proved to be a colossal amount of work, full of its own insurmountable walls. I’ll upload videos as the final tweaks progress.

As of autumn 2021, the capital costs of an enclosure has been a huge obstacle, as has been the increasing costs due to the global supply crisis. And finding eyeballs for the product is a mountain of its own. Still hoping for a January release.

As of early January 2022, my deadline still seems likely. To paraphrase the great Karim Yaghmour, there is a vast chasm between finishing the firmware and putting out a consumer-ready hardware product!

Sunday 6 Feb. 2022: The Supply Crisis resulted in hardware changes which are causing further hiccups. I’m aiming for end of February.

Sunday 6 March 2022: Coming along really well. Hoping to start sales, in the Vancouver area, this Spring.

Friday 13 May 2022: Further delays due to lack of ICs for the recharging circuitry.

Tuesday 26 July 2022: Potential solution for recharging may have been found.

April 2023: The on-line shop opens.

(Note: The above is not a project outline; not even the tip of that iceberg!)

(The telephone number sprinkled into the photos is outdated. Use email for contact.)

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