Release History

Updated: Tuesday 29 August 2023

Work on the M!nder started in June 2016.

ProductVersionDate ReleasedCompatibility Notes*Description
M!nder11.0Sunday 22 January 2023First release. Uses a separate speaker for gentler warnings.
Firmware v0.9.
M!nder22.0Thursday 9 February 2023To upgrade from M!nder1, a change to the Mother board and its Firmware will be needed.The Control Panel can remain, but it’d be far better to change that as well. All other Parts, including the Daughter board can remain the same.All sounds are now routed to the horn. This improves the warning sounds, and eliminates the wave-propagation slots in the Control Panel.
Firmware v1.0.
M!nder22.1Saturday 6 May 2023Compatible with v2.0.Firmware v1.1.
M!nder22.2Monday 5 June 2023Compatible with v2.0, except for the enclosure.Length reduced, to make the device more compact.
Better seal on the Control Panel.
Firmware v1.1.1.
M!nder22.5.1Saturday 17 June 2023Incompatible with previous versions.New mother board, daughter board, and Control Panel. Firmware unchanged.

*Varies by component. To illustrate by example: If v2.2 says that it is compatible with v2.0, it means that a M!nder v2.0 might be able to use components from v2.2. Contact to ensure.