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Intelligent Deterrence

A Minder for Everything

The Minder bike alarm.

Portable, Versatile Protection!

Hang it From Anything that Mustn’t Move!

A super siren, on the go!

Take 1 along. Hang it from whatever needs it today!

Got something that might get snatched? Hang a minder from it, and hear, from 100 yards away, if someone tampers with it!

The M!nder monitors all movements. Threats suspected to be major will receive shrieks, while minor threats are warned correspondingly.

Power tools on the job site?
Farm Equipment or Tractors?
Construction Tools?

With unmatched intelligence, it practically eliminates false alarms.
And, upon deactivation, it tells you if someone has tampered with your property!

The M!nder is not permanently attached. It is hung, so it can be shared and it can operate longer during an angle-grinder attack.

Deterring Nuisance Tampering?
Setting Up a Security Perimeter?
Tripwire at a Gate?

At the job site, or camp site, a security perimeter could be established, with wiring and set-up appropriate to the expected threat.
A trip-wire could be created at a farm gate, or entrance to a compound, using appropriate wiring and set-up.

Hidden Under a Vehicle?

Could a M!nder be hidden inside your engine compartment, or under a tractor? Then its  siren will shriek when moved.

Ensure that it hangs freely, and remains fully audible. If possible, make it hard to find! (But do leave a reminder for yourself to de-activate the device in the morning!)

Note for UK & EU Customers

At the moment, there is no Buy Now button on this page!

The only available stock for the AC charger uses a US plug. So, you will need a converter; or, simply use any AC charger with matching specifications.
You will likely be charged for taxes (e.g. VAT) and any duties, by the delivery company. In addition, the delivery company might well charge a handling fee for calculating the taxes.
As with all other customers, there are no free returns; return-shipping is at your cost.

If you remain interested, click this link to buy.


The device must be as free-hanging as possible, and remain fully audible.

Ensure that there is enough battery-power for the siren to play during thefts; recharge the unit daily.

Audibility distance varies with the context. 100 meters (or 100 yards) has been measured in unobstructed outdoors, along line-of-sight.

A padlock (not included) is needed, to hang the M!nder from your property. No need for a heavy shackle; 8 mm would do.

The colour of the 3D-printed enclosure varies with the available stock. It may be yellow, orange, another colour, or a mix.

An AC charger is included for recharging. US plug, only.

Returns & Warranty

* Full refund within 30 days from the date of delivery. Return-shipping is at your cost, and must be tracked. See Terms.

Warranty of 1 year for manufacturing defects.

The following focus on bikes. For larger and/or heavier objects, a freely-hanging M!nder will still detect when it is moved.



Terms of Sale. (Warranty, Returns & Refunds.)
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