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Bike Parking Anchors

Heard across a street. Highly intelligent. A bike alarm like no other! $210 CAD. Direct from manufacturer: $120 CAD.

Update: Monday 25 July 2022

A collection of parking racks/anchors I’ve come across for bicycles. The best I’ve seen so far were in Montreal: a three-pronged rack which took care of your wheels as well the frame, and allowing you to use as little as a padlock to lock everything! Unfortunately, I’ve not come across an on-line photo of them, lately.

Apparently, only your front wheel is worth protecting/locking!
Other than to offer the price-point, I don’t know why anyone’d design this!
Ye old ring-&-post. The best of a bad bunch! Often can’t add a wheel, though!
Adding a bit of beauty to urban design is always nice. But, more is needed.

No ground-bolts to loosen, which is great. Is it a block of concrete that has to to be set/installed on the street?

Why? Could somebody explain this to me!

The above does not save floor space (except perhaps a bit in breadth), is cluttered, and may confuse some users. The company does offer many other options, though. (Click on the photo.)

Another Torontonian offering. I’ve not tried this, but its simplicity and lean lines definitely appeal to me.

How does it connect to the ground? I expect that it’d accommodate the front wheel being added to the rear wheel + frame. I do wonder how it’d handle an attack which uses the ground as leverage. Unlike the aforementioned Montrealer, it may be vulnerable to ‘leverage’ attacks.

The double-deckers are nice, though I might’ve used them only once. A lot of clutter for shifty hands to hide in, however.

Thursday 21 July 2022:
If anyone has a link to an image of the three-pronged street-racks I used to see in Montreal, I’d be grateful. They’re the best I’ve ever used, locking both wheels, and the frame, with you needing to carry only a padlock! Yup! No U-locks/D-locks needed.

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