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Heard across a street. Highly intelligent. A bike alarm like no other! $210 CAD. Direct from manufacturer: $120 CAD.

Updated: Sunday 9 June 2024

A series of videos on how I ride my bicycles in an urban environment.

I started filming in Vancouver. Thus, I have no video record of cycling in snowy winters.
There is no layering info provided here, nor any on the specific bike used. Relatively to most, if not all, of the rest of North America, Vancouver has good, cycling infrastructure. And the climate is often mild; like the rest of the Pacific North-West, rain is the dominant form of ‘bad’ weather.
This is not to say that cycling is safe here from drivers. The preponderance of private automobiles results in daily danger.

Behind a bus stopped at an intersection.
A bike path that is between two lanes of car traffic.
Changing lanes, on a tight street.

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