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Updated: Monday 23 May 2022

Other than in places such as Brazil, bike jackings are, thankfully, relatively uncommon. The U.K. (especially, London) is the main country I know about where bike jackings are less uncommon than in others. But, recently, I heard of an instance in Canada.
A food courier had returned from his delivery. The thief waited until the courier had unlocked his ebike, at which point the thief violently attacked him, and took the ebike.

Even more than regular bike-thefts, this is hard to defend against. While I have heard of some attempts at solving this, I’ve not come across anything promising.
There is one solution, which I had originally envisioned for the M!nder, in the early years of its design process. But it requires co-operation from the manufacturers. I am neither in a position to approach them, nor do I have the time. As well, until ebike owners raise a loud outcry, manufacturers are unlikely to risk changes. Ebike brands may have to be hit in their pockets before they’ll take a chance on this.

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