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Month: September 2021

Update: Hardware, Firmware & Enclosure

The enclosure remains a significant issue which I will have to tackle myself. The firmware has had a major feature added. Yes, at even this late a stage. The hardware has been a pain, but significant progress has been achieved. I’ve not had success at finding a part-time job, but then I’ve not had time […]

New PCB, New Micro-Controller

Due to the crisis in the supply of electronic components, I have had to look for substitute parts. It’s been an endless hunt for vendors/suppliers, and prices. Availability and prices change overnight. Even when I successfully order parts, the vendor cancels on me before shipping! Some parts have become far too expensive. Micro-controllers are a […]

Naming the Minder

As with any product nowadays, naming is a much more complex undertaking than it was in the past. Checks have to be carried out for the domain name (especially .com), existing products or variants, groups and individuals on social networks, apps, trade-marks, patents, jurisdictions etc etc etc. And, while you’re developing the product, other claimants […]

Enclosure, PCB and Firmware

Just a quick update. I’ve spent a lot of time on trying to find a local metal-shop that could help with the manufacturing of the enclosure. The main body of the latter _I_ will do, but the end discs are more problematic. Unfortunately, and to the best of my knowledge, they are typically made through […]

Mount-Point for Theft Deterrent

As outlined in some of the history of the Minder1 theft-deterrent for bicycles, the original hope was to mount the system inside the bicycle frame. Chief among the consequent problems was the difficulty of achieving loudness. The latter is determinative in the current (autumn 2021) size and mounting-point of the system. But it is not […]

Enclosure Mock-Up

With prices for off-the-shelf enclosures having risen, and supplies dwindling, I’ve had to consider making my own. Yet again! I’d started off by naively thinking of local, custom production. And the obligatory 3D-printing. Then, I ended up researching metal fabrication–even welding! The current focus is on sheet metal. All the going-around-in-circles eventually bore fruit: Riveting […]

The Tale of the Enclosure

As already outlined, my only recourse for an affordable enclosure for the product has been an off-the-shelf metal can. Simply, custom manufacturing would result in a cost of hundreds of dollars per enclosure, unless if I order ten(s) thousand of it! The product’s enclosure has to meet some basic requirements. It has to: And whatever […]

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