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More Stock Coming

Stock is now available, and more is being created. Visibility is always difficult for a new product. With a single engineer, taking care of production, marketing, and a hundred other tasks, it becomes even more difficult. But, there are very promising signs, with the device generating interest. And M!nder v2.2 has just been released as […]

Shop Open

The shop is now open. To only US and Canada, for now. There is limited stock available. Back-orders are accepted; the device is made as orders arrive.Despite the inflationary increase in costs, and the high costs of manual production of an electronics device, I’ve kept the price low. At $210+ CAD retail, it could not […]

Supply Crisis Surcharge

Update: Thursday 9 February 2023 The Supply Chain Crisis has increased prices, and decreased (if not eliminated some) supplies, for the parts used to make the M!nder with. Amongst my various responses, one has been to assemble the PCBs by hand! Ordinarily, populating a PCB with components is carried out by automated machines, allowing accuracy, […]

Supply Chain Crisis and Chargeable Devices

Amongst the general unavailability of components caused by the Supply Crisis, a near total absence of integrated circuits for rechargeable batteries has caused further delays. As with other components, a common response is to re-engineer. But, this is a customer-facing component, not a deeply internal one; and alternatives are nearly non-existent! On the plus side, […]

Hardware Delays

Sunday 6 February 2022 Hardware changes forced by the Supply Crisis have resulted in further delays. These are behavioural changes which need to be catered-to by the system. On the plus side, the enclosure is nearly ready. An update to the PCB should arrive in a few weeks. Pre-release is delayed till sometime in March.

Pre-Release Planned for End of January

Wednesday 5 January 2022 The engineering of the M!nder is complete, other than for the product’s enclosure. The latter is progressing as of the moment. The Supply Crisis continues to cause delays, and changes in the components chosen in engineering–notably, the micro-controller has had to be changed. It is hoped that the beta can still […]

Minder1 Pre-Release in January 2022

The pre-release of Minder1, the theft deterrent for bicycles, is expected to be January 2022. Though years have been spent on its development, the ‘final’ stages–which comprise productization, behavioural refinements, promotion, parts and purchases–will take months! As well, there is a worldwide supply crisis, affecting electronic components. If you’d like to be kept updated, add […]

Engineering Mostly Done, Enclosure Awaits

Most of the engineering has long been done; it is the productization (i.e. turning the device into a consumer product) that has taken–and continues to take–a long time. (In fact, it was an obstacle since the outset 😉 !) The enclosure is being selected, and will subsequently be tested. Once that succeeds, enough interest has […]

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