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Update: Hardware, Firmware & Enclosure

Heard across a street. Highly intelligent. A bike alarm like no other! $210 CAD. Direct from manufacturer: $120 CAD.

The enclosure remains a significant issue which I will have to tackle myself.

The firmware has had a major feature added. Yes, at even this late a stage.

The hardware has been a pain, but significant progress has been achieved.

I’ve not had success at finding a part-time job, but then I’ve not had time to look for one, either!

Preparing for writing an image to a new CPU. Days of head-scratching, tears, cries and defeat ensued, after weeks of research!
A lot of storage containers, strapped precariously to a bike trailer, to be taken 15+ km. I need them for parts-and-tools storage. The trailer was too narrow for these, so a lot of tyre rubber collected alongside the base bin. And I had to walk it for the first few blocks, before flat, traffic-free paths were reached.
Can anyone guess what connection this is supposed to be? The context is a hint.
Update: Hardware, Firmware & Enclosure

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