PCB (Mother board)


The main PCB of the M!nder. This does not include new firmware.
Version: 2.0.
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The main PCB for the M!nder. For repairs, only. It will be created with the same firmware version that your M!nder currently carries.

Read the details, below, before making a purchase!

This provides the CPU, with your current firmware. It is the brain of the M!nder.

Important: This will not have the latest firmware for the M!nder. Instead, it will have whichever firmware version your M!nder has. It is, after all, only for replacement, not for an upgrade.

Before placing this order, you must provide all the version numbers of the M!nder you are purchasing this PCB for, otherwise the PCB is unlikely to match your M!nder. Contact me via email.
Correct installation of the PCB is your responsibility. Installation will void any existing warranty. Read the Manual, for PCB replacement, for your version of the M!nder, before making a purchase.

As with all other Parts, purchase is available to only the verified purchasers of a M!nder, for repairs or upgrades.

Subject to availability. Shipping not included.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 2 mm