AC Adapter


AC Adapter for charging the M!nder bike alarm.
Version: 1.0.
12 volts, 1 Amp, AC adapter for recharging the M!nder with.
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AC adapter for recharging the M!nder with.
12 volts, 1 Amp.

As with all other Parts, purchase is available to only the verified purchasers of a M!nder.

Shipping  not included.

Any AC adapter with the following specifications can be used. Instead of purchasing one from this site, please reuse any that you might already have. Such AC adapters are very common. It is not necessary to purchase the one sold on this site.

Any AC adapter that provides the following will be suitable:
. a current of 1 A (no more than 2 A), and
. a voltage between 8.4 volts and 15 volts, and
. a barrel jack of 5.5Ă—2.1 mm, with a _positive_ centre. In U.S. & Canada, this is the most frequently available.

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